Metal sales

Enimor Met OÜ sells rolled metal products wholesale and retail. With highly qualified employees and long experience, the company has proved itself a reliable partner and supplier of rolled metal products in Tallinn and Estonia.

High-quality rolled metal products, reasonable prices, and a flexible discount system helped the company earn a great reputation among our metal consumers.

The company’s scrap metal dealer has a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with more than 100 different products. We offer our clients reinforcement steel, beams, tubes, channel steel, rod iron, angle steel, sheets, square bars, steel strips, and more.

Enimor Met OÜ also offers its customers a range of services:

  • Cutting of rolled metal products to required length
  • Unreeling of rod iron to rods of required length
  • Metal handling and shipment to the customer.

For ordering and other information, please contact us by phone.

Forged products

A forged product is a blank or intermediate piece obtained by forging, and the resulting metal is characterised by higher ductility and durability.

We offer forged products obtained by open forging with the ram weight of 3200 kg and hit energy of 80 kJ.

The production time of forged products depends on the number of blank pieces to be produced/forged and on the complexity of the specifications.

You can order rings, tops, shafts, spindles, and other products with your custom dimensions and weight up to 1500 kg, diameter up to 1000 mm.

Certificate form 3.1

Construction steels:
S355j2, 20, 35, 45, 55, 60, 42CrMo4, and more.

The following tests are available for forged products:

• Chemical composition

• Hardness

• Ultrasonic examination in C2 and C3 classes

• Strength analysis.

For ordering specific forged products, please contact our forged product managers.

Metal cutting

Enimor Met OÜ is not only a large supplier of high-quality forged products, but also provides its customers with a wide range of metal working services.

We can cut steel tubes, discs, strips, angle bars, channel bars, sheets, and other metal products by the following methods:

* Discs with thickness of 4 to 500 mm are cut into blank pieces using automatic saws

* Channel bars, angle bars, beams, tubes, etc. are cut using automatic saws

Sheets with thickness up to 10 mm are cut using shears.

Sheet steel cutting with guillotine shears.
Sheet steel is cut using dedicated cutters and shears. Metal cutting with shears provides edges without notches, creases, or burrs.

Sheets with thickness up to 200 mm are cut using gas cutters.

Gas cutting is a classic method of heat cutting.
The main advantage of this method is the possibility to cut metal sheets from 1 mm to 1 m.

* We straighten discs from 8 to 40 mm.

* We draw bars and wires from 4 to 12 mm.


* Wire mesh 4 to 12 mm × 150 × 150 × (1,500 to 2,000) × 3,000

Metal delivery

Enimor Met OÜ has a broad experience in delivering rolled metal products, which ensures reliable, quick, and efficient supplies.

Using our own truck fleet, we will deliver the ordered rolled metal products to your site in Tallinn or anywhere in Estonia just in time.

By ordering our rolled metal products, you may rest assured your order will be delivered in time.

Transportation services:

We offer trucks for shipping not only our metal products, but also any other cargo.

Scania — 24 t load-bearing capacity, 12 m body length
IVECO — 3.5 t load-bearing capacity, 6 m body length
FORD — 0.8 t load-bearing capacity, 2 m body length

For transportation service prices, please contact us by phone.

Shipment with Enimor Met OÜ is easy, professional, and reliable!

“Enimor Met OÜ” offers its customers the highest level of products and services.

Enimor Met OÜMetal sales